Abrasives for the marine industry

D-weight paper (P40-P100) & C-weight paper (P120-P1000)
Ceramic/Aluminium Oxide blend mineral
Open coated
B-weight paper (P120-P180) and C-weight paper (P200-P1500) backing, aluminium oxide, this product with its soft, flexible characteristics, has been developed for hand sanding irregular and contoured surfaces and small, hard-to-reach parts. mineral,
D weight paper (P40 - P120)
C weight paper (P150 - P1200)
Aluminium Oxide mineral
Extra open coated
C/D-weight paper, aluminium oxide mineral, this product has fast cutting performance with unique adhesive treatment
Corundum - E weight paper - Resin over glue
Grains distribution: semi-open - Lube - Antistatic
Trasparent and pigmented polyester paints, melamine, filler
Automatic wide and narrows belt sanders
The innovative shaped ceramic system combined with aluminum oxide on flexible paper backing, gives to this product efficiency and speedness never seen before
F-weight cotton cloth , aluminium oxide mineral, TLFS has all the great characteristics of TLF but the additional stearate coating allows longer lifetime of the abrasive grains and improved finishing quality.
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