Abrasives for the wood industry

Coating special mode abratex
Wood and wood-derived, nonferrous metal, copper/brass/bronze alloys - mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass
Characterized by an A-Weight backing on aluminum oxide grain, AF22 is a high-quality product which ensures great performances thanks to its high flexibility.
B-Weight backing on Aluminum Oxide Grain. It’s a product which ensures a perfect cut and an extraordinary flexibility
F-weight paper backing, aluminium oxide mineral, closed coating. This product is particularly indicated for the process of the skins and wet blue
PA net backing, with ceramic mineral, this product allows an outstanding dust extraction on the worked surface, without the risk of clogging and with a high performance efficiency.
Film backing, ceramic mineral, this innovative and multi.purpose product ensures fast and high stock removal with perfect results.
Combined backing, with silicon carbide mineral, this product is perfect ideal for high performance UV coating as inert coating or hot coating. In the wood industry for sanding MDF (before laminating process)
Corundum - E weight paper - Resin over glue
Grains distribution: semi-open coat - Antistatic
Non clogging hard wood, MDF, plywood, veneers, leathers
Manual and automatic belt sanders
Corundum - F weight paper - Phenolic resin
Grains distribution: semi-open coat - Antistatic ((*) 1420 weight E)
Hard and veneered wood, stainless steel, non ferrous metal, wet blue leathers
Manual and automatic wide and narrow belt sanders
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