Abrasives for the wood industry

F weight - cotton cloth
Aluminum Oxide mineral
Semi open coating
F-weight cotton cloth , aluminium oxide mineral, TLFS has all the great characteristics of TLF but the additional stearate coating allows longer lifetime of the abrasive grains and improved finishing quality.
J Weigth Polycotton cloth
Aluminum Oxide mineral
Semi open coated
J-weight polycotton, aluminium oxide mineral, TLJC is suitable for the wood and metal industry
X Weigth Polycotton cloth
Aluminum Oxide mineral
Semi open coated
X-weight polycotton backing, aluminium oxide mineral, it's perfect for calibration and sanding of solid wood, blockboard wood, hardwood and plywood with wide belt sanding machines.
X-weight polycottton cloth, ceramic mineral, TLX-VRC is a product designed for the higher rate removal application combining the X-Weight polycotton backing and all the features of the ceramic grains.
Silicon carbide - Y weight poly cloth - Phenolic resin
Grains distribution: closed coat - Anti clogging cooler bond
MDF, chipwood, multilevel panels, flooring, ceramic, glass
Wide and narrow belt sanders
Y-weight cloth polyester, zirconim mineral, It is perfectly suitable for grinding and deburring on stainless steel, nickel and alloys with wide or narrow belt sanding machines
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